Fiverr — Business Needs Index PR Initiative
Fiverr’s Public Relations team assembles top search terms from their marketplace in a biannual report, underscoring Fiverr’s superior insights on macro business trends. The report presents collections of keywords that have seen upticks in search and relevancy over a six-month period.

Despite its value and relevance, and adorning, original illustrations, the page suffered a surprisingly high bounce rate (average engagement time of 55s). Engagement on first points of contact like social was high, though, suggesting the experience on page load was not something users could get excited about. We wanted to change that experience entirely.
The new experience would operate as a choose-your-own adventure—a hub that users can navigate at their own pace, opening drawers and answering questions applicable to their industries and interests. The experience would entice users to interact.

But conceptualizing this new page was half the battle. The PR team could not afford to overhaul this page every six months; they needed a scalable solution that could support a variety of data sets. Using page tabs with like components, we can swap global trend percentages easily, and add whole new pages with very little dev support.