Fiverr — Something from Nothing 360 Campaign
Would you pay your heard-earned money on ... Nothing? That's the faux brand at the center of Fiverr's "Something from Nothing" campaign, courtesy Ostrich Studios. Fast-paced spots trace Nothing's rise from a fleeting notion into a global phenomenon that generates countless headlines and millions of sales.

We never learn what Nothing is or costs or does. Instead, it serves as a symbol for every business dream that could take off in a big way—with an assist from the Fiverr community, naturally.

The creative stems from research showing 60 percent of respondents never pursue their ideas due to lack of resources. Fiver maintains its members can provide such expertise, a point made in the :60 anthem through narration from actors portraying video editors, UX experts and content creators ostensibly engaged through the service.
The landing page needed to serve as a resource hub, while underscoring the theme of turning nothing into something. We wanted the page to feel quiet, only to come alive with cursor animations, rolling video and clickable drawers once the user has taken control of the navigation. The landing page would also highlight the dozens of Fiverr freelancers that contributed Nothing materials for the :30 and :60 spots.

Special thanks to our incredible developers at Finerfox Media.