Koya — Athletic Footwear Brand Photography & Social Campaign
Koya Trail Runners: the first adventure shoe built for travel. Founder, David Bronkie (Arcade Belts, Siblings Candles) needed a brand campaign to launch his latest Kickstarter. 

Working with directors Alison Grasso and Scott Keenan, I orchestrated a series of product and lifestyle shoots, compiling assets that would be used in both a brand video (below) and as part of an aggressive social media campaign. The Kickstarter exceeded its target by 450%+.
Working with an incredible cast and crew over three days—under strict Covid restrictions—our goal was simple: sell a sustainable shoe that was unlike anything else in its sphere. The lifestyle photography targeted an audience of travel-hungry, outdoor thrill-seekers, while the product-focused assets targeted the environmentally-conscience, problem solver in all of us that wants to "do more, [but] pack less."