Out North — Documentary
"When all the cards are stacked against you, do you fold, or do you change the game? For the residents of North Nashville, the traumas of mass incarceration and gentrification are galvanizing a generation of entrepreneurs and activists.

"In Out North, a new short documentary produced by the global freelance marketplace Fiverr, we meet some of the passionate locals working to bring change to their community. North Nashville (specifically the zip code 37208) has the highest incarceration rate in the US — 14 percent, or one in every three young men, according to a 2018 Brookings Institution study — and yet the neighborhood refuses to be defined by its hardships."
Vox Creative
The story behind the film was exposed during Fiverr's filming of a recent campaign and is told through the eyes of several key activists and entrepreneurs in North Nashville. It shines a light on the story of zip code 37208, a neighborhood with the highest incarceration rate in the United States. In this particular zip code, 14% or one in every three young men, of which 93% are Black, have been incarcerated, according to a 2018 Brookings Institute Study.

"Out North" follows the inspiring work of Gideon's Army Grassroots Army for Children, a community-based grassroots organization that works to design programs focused on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline in North Nashville.